Lachlan goes to the police for Rosie

Zac wants to get to the bottom of Lachlan’s interest in Rosie and asks Bianca for his contact details. Later, Rosie tells Bianca and Zac that until something is done, she’s not going back to school. Zac finds Lachlan at the caravan park, telling him that giving the statement to police about Rosie making up the assault is the reason that Mullens got off but it’s not too late to change his statement. Bianca and Zac orgainise a meeting between Lachlan and Rosie; Lachlan apologises and tells her he’s going to go back to the police. Later, Zac reports that Mullens has been arrested and charged.

Natalie is unhappy that she wasn’t involved in the Rosie/Lachlan intervention and confronts Bianca. Meanwhile, Heath is worried that he hasn’t heard from Darcy, knowing Connie isn’t going to let him contact his daughter. When Heath finally gets the call, Darcy reports that Connie is accusing Heath of stealing.

John finally breaks the news to Jett that the adoption is going to be much more difficult without Gina. Jett is upset, feeling that John is just putting the adoption in the ‘too hard basket’.