Lachlan returns to the village from his break away with Chrissie and is relieved when his friend, Belle, says she doesn’t listen to rumours. The alliance doesn’t last long, however, as Lisa finds out who Belle is hanging out with and demands Lachlan keep his distance! When angry Lachlan sees Alicia in the street, he challenges her to tell the truth about what happened. But as we all know, they view what happened that fateful night very differently. Alicia’s utterly shaken by the encounter.

It’s Sarah’s school play and Debbie’s stunned when she sees Andy’s bought Tracy along. But Andy is soon left dateless when Tracy storms out on him! The farmer’s horrified but there’s worse to come when he clocks an old photo of him and Katie. As the pain of his loss hits hard, Andy finally gives in to his grief.

Kirin gets his hopes up when Vanessa calls by – but she’s adamant they’re over. Pearl’s Alzheimer’s lie spirals as a doctor suggests she go to a memory clinic for tests!