The villagers gather to pay their last respects to Len, along with Danny Daggert, who has also returned to the village along with Marc and Lady Tara. After telling everyone that she’s not going to attend the funeral, Edna makes a surprise appearance. Pearl bites her lip and makes an emotional speech but she’s vexed to find Edna at Len’s graveside and the former friends have a furious row.

Daz is thrilled when dad Billy returns to the village and starts his new job at the garage. Billy is grateful for Daz’s efforts and he makes it clear that he’s delighted to be back near his son. Daz isn’t the only one who is chuffed to see Billy as Val offers to let Billy move into the pub. Jack is wary about his former rival being so close to home.

Val is miffed with Rodney’s increasing involvement in Sharon’s wedding, especially when she discovers that Sharon has put Rodney on the top table. When Val complains, Sharon asks Rodney to give her away in retaliation and it seems that mother and daughter are back to their old warring ways!