Lady Byrne is back!

Lady Byrne arrives back at Holby City and wastes no time in ruffling feathers. There to ‘support’ her son Joseph as he waits, with ex Faye, to discover if his unborn son has Lowes disease, the interfering aristocrat causes more harm than good.

After discovering that their baby is Lowes-free, Joseph’s joy turns to frustration when his mother wades in and causes a rift between the parents to be. She tells Faye that she’s already placed her grandson’s name on the list for a place at Joseph’s former boarding school. Angry, Faye demands that the Byrnes stay out of her baby’s life – for good. Can Joseph win Faye back round to allowing him a role in his son’s life?

Elsewhere, Penny discovers the truth about Frieda – she’s a trained doctor! Also, Michael saves Ric’s life in theatre.