Lady Sybil’s birth ends in tragedy!

The day has finally arrived, as Lady Sybil goes into labour. A concerned Branson is by her bedside, but he’s desperately worried when she begins showing symptoms of eclampsia.

Sybil’s life is left hanging in the balance after a disagreement between family medic Dr Clarkson and the Harley Street obstetrician Sir Philip Tapsell – with the former insisting she be taken to hospital and the latter insisting such a move would prove fatal.

Sybil eventually gives birth to a healthy baby girl, but despite initially appearing well, her condition rapidly deteriorates and she dies in the arms of her husband Branson.

Meanwhile, Matthew has some deep concerns about Downton. He believes that Lord Grantham has been mismanaging the estate, but he’s frustrated that no one will seemingly listen to his fears.

Downstairs, poor Daisy is rather dismayed about the new maid Ivy. She’s very attractive, and seems to be stealing all the limelight away from Daisy. Plus, budding letter-writer Edith has managed to put her wedding woes aside. Unexpectedly, she’s given a very exciting offer. However, not everyone is pleased about the opportunity that’s come her way.