Lancelot Rides To The Rescue!

In series one, Lancelot left Camelot under a cloud of shame and humiliation after he lied to King Uther in his bid to become a Knight. But Merlin predicted Lancelot would return and he does, to come between Arthur and Gwen (Guinevere). What brings him back? A dangerous mix-up which also leads Prince Arthur to defy his father and Merlin to get that special look in his eyes… Yes, it’s all happening in episode four of this fantastical family drama!

The menace in Camelot’s midst is savage outlaw Hengist… He has kidnapped royal servant Gwen, mistaking her for Morgana, the orphaned ward of King Uther. That doesn’t stop Hengist demanding a ransom but Uther isn’t prepared to pay for a servant. Outraged, Arthur goes against his father’s orders and sets out to rescue Gwen. And Merlin doesn’t need to use any of his magic powers to see that Arthur isn’t acting the prince in shining armour just to save Morgana’s maid. Gwen (Guinevere) makes Arthur’s heart beat a little faster…

But Lancelot lusts after Gwen, too and he has also ridden to her rescue, as Arthur discovers when he reaches Hengist’s castle. Lancelot has got to Gwen first and their feelings for each other are clear. Will Arthur retreat from his mission, or stay and fight for Gwen?

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