Convinced his dad was driving the car that killed Axel, Aden and Belle find Larry trying to conceal his dented car in some bushes. With nowhere to run, Larry confesses everything, and agrees to go to the Police Station with them, providing Aden buys him a bottle of whisky to calm his nerves. Aden agrees, but when he returns with the booze, the car has been burnt out with no sign of Larry. Aden and Belle have no choice but to go to the police without him.

Kirsty agrees to Bartlett’s suggestion to help the students deal with Axel’s death. As they discuss their plans, Bartlett softens, telling Kirsty he was brought up by a single parent and he understands how tough her situation is.

Miles worries about the effect Axel’s death is having on Jai when he finds him wandering aimlessly in the middle of the road. Confused, Jai asks Miles why Axel died and not him, leaving Miles concerned about Jai’s mental state. Meanwhile, Annie heads off to tell Jai the news that Aden’s dad caused the hit and run, but is terrified to see him jump over the cliff. She races to the edge but is relieved to see him safely treading water.

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