Last Christmas

When Santa and his two elf helpers, The Wolf and Ian, crash their sleigh into the snowy roof of Clara Oswald’s house, she’s stunned. And when the Doctor lands his TARDIS there, too, he gives them all a dark message of Christmas ill-tidings…

While Santa being on Clara’s roof might otherwise be an excuse for cheer and happiness it’s actually a nightmarish development, and only the Doctor knows why! He’s there to save Clara from what Santa might bring into her life as something quite profound will happen to Clara during this chilling adventure.

It’s soon clear the Doctor and Santa have a past history and while they bicker with each other, luckily there’s no major falling out. And soon there’s a mission to keep them occupied. All are whisked away to an Arctic base near the North Pole that’s under attack from ferocious alien-like creatures called Sleepers and Dream Crabs, and a deadly battle begins.

This adventure also stars Natalie Gumede (Corrie’s Kirsty Soames) and Michael Troughton (son of former Doctor Who Patrick Troughton) as a scientists on the Polar base.

Can Santa, his elves, the Doctor and Clara team up in the chilling Arctic to help the scientists save their base, and the world, from a new deadly menace?