Last Night of the Palladium

Following her father’s death, Ariadne is named Queen, and soon finds herself being threatened by her old adversary, Pasiphae.

The evil sorceress, who knows the new Queen is weak, organises a devilish plot to steal the palladium from the city’s heart, knowing the removal of the great antiquity will cause the fall of Atlantis because the people will believe that the Gods have turned against them.

Ariadne entrusts Jason with the job of getting the palladium back, much to the disgust of poor Hercules. “It’s never too late to turn and flee like cowards,” he muses.

Pythagoras calculates their mission has no chance, however despite the poor odds the boys successfully regain the palladium.

On their journey back to Atlantis, Jason’s shot by an archer, who he’d ironically earlier spared from death. Pythagoras manages to remove the arrow, but Jason is left badly wounded.

Pasiphae casts a spell which traps the boys in a series of caves before marching her armies to Atlantis.

Atlantis appears doomed as Pasiphae’s huge army reaches the city’s walls and some of Ariadne’s troops start to flee the city.

The episode ends with the sight of a cyclops who lurks in the tunnels where Jason, Pythagoras and Hercules are trapped. This is the first of a two-part story, which concludes next Saturday.