Holocaust survivors living in Britain today tell 
their stories in BBC2’s
The Last Survivors

How do you live a normal life after you have survived history’s darkest hour?

This powerful and emotional documentary film, The Last Survivors, tells the stories of some of Britain’s remaining Holocaust survivors, including Manfred Goldberg (above, who holds a picture of his younger brother who went missing during their imprisonment at a
concentration camp).

All were children when captured by the Nazis and all have horrific tales of loss and hardship as they witnessed humanity at its worst.

The Last Survivors

Sam tells his harrowing childhood story…

The survivors reflect 
on how being part of the Holocaust has affected their daily lives and how they have coped with the memories. They detail their attempts to cope with the ensuing anger, trauma and pain.

The Last Survivors

Susan Pollack was robbed of a childhood

‘I haven’t been able 
to cry,’ says survivor Susan Pollack. ‘I think the crying would have no end.’

TV Times rating: *****