Laura wants to end the scam

Despite hearing from Elle that Laura has been lying about her relationship with Nick, Paul continues to give Laura the benefit of the doubt and invites her and Nick round for tea. After chatting to Rebecca about her experience of being manipulated by an abusive partner, Laura feels so guilty about lying about such a serious issue, that she tells Nick that she wants to end to their scam. However, having discovered from Declan that Oliver is the heir to the mighty Barnes business empire, Nick plans to find a way to get their hands on some serious cash.

While poorly Susan spends the day sleeping, Karl is tempted to buy Oliver’s sporty car. When Susan wakes up and discovers that the family have left for Rachel’s advanced literature orientation meeting, she rashly decides to follow them in the borrowed car.

Bridget tells Declan she can’t see him anymore and when their discussion turns into a row Bridget storms off.

Still tired and racing to catch up, Susan struggles to stay awake at the wheel. She ends up falling asleep for a few vital seconds before she crashes into the kerb, oblivious that she has also hit Bridget.