Laurel is mown down by Jimmy’s car! Will she survive? And how will Bob react?!

She is hit by Jimmy's car and sent flying into the road. Will she be ok?

Bob and Laurel have been trying to deny their feelings for each other since their secret one-night stand last year. But when Laurel is accidentally hit by Jimmy’s car, Bob panics he has lost her for good and rushes over to Mulberry and lays his feelings on the line for her.

In the heat of the moment, the pair start kissing passionately, just as Bob’s wife, Brenda, heads over to the cottage to see where Bob has got to. As she opens the door, will Brenda finally catch cheating Bob and Laurel in each other’s arms?

Meanwhile, Zak admits he’s to blame for the broken window at the church.

First episode of the evening.