Laurel and Ashley bury Daniel

Laurel and Ashley struggle to cope on the morning of Daniel’s funeral. Laurel breaks down at the service and can’t go through with her reading so Doug takes her place. Ashley gives a moving eulogy to his son, while Laurel stares blankly at the coffin. Later, Laurel launches a furious attack on Hilary, blaming her for causing Daniel’s death. An upset Hilary and Doug decide to leave the village.

Jo is freaked out when Charlie turns up at Butler’s Farm again and she warns him to take his stuff and leave. But when she returns from Daniel’s funeral she discovers Charlie in the house in a bath towel. Charlie tells Jo that the buyer for his loot has fallen through and he’ll be sticking around. Jo insists he leave but he grabs her by the throat and threatens her.

Pearl offers a grieving Doug support after Daniel’s funeral and she encourages him to unburden himself of his troubles. Betty mentions to Edna that Pearl and Doug seem very close and when Edna sees them hugging she sternly reminds Pearl that Doug is a married man. Pearl is indignant about Edna’s insinuations and insists that she was simply being a good friend.

Also, Eli moves back in with Debbie.