Laurel and Ashley have a blood test

Laurel insists that she doesn’t want an investigation into the possible baby swap, but an official from Hotten NHS Trust says they have no choice now the matter’s been brought to their attention. A blood sample is then taken from a reluctant Laurel and Ashley. When Laurel asserts that it is surely just an admin error the official replies that at this stage they can’t rule anything out.

Paddy tells Gennie about his court date and she admits that her statement to the police is probably going to sound pretty bad. Gennie insists that she doesn’t blame him for the accident, but a worried Paddy retorts that the court is probably not going to see it like that.

Lexi confronts Chas about the fact that she tried to stop Carl giving her the job and reveals that she suspected that Lexi will use the job to get close to Carl. Lexi has had enough of Chas’s worrying about her and Carl and tells her that it is probably best that they are no longer friends. Chas explodes and throws a drink over Lexi, but she ducks and it hits a stunned Gennie instead!

Also, Zak agrees to let Eli have a birthday party at the Dingles.