*One-hour special* Laurel is left without a babysitter after Hilary and Doug are delayed returning to the village and she is forced to take Daniel into work. Nicola is furious and Laurel asks Jasmine to look after Daniel while she finishes up. When Hilary and Doug finally arrive the family sit down for a late lunch. Daniel starts to cry, but Hilary stops Laurel from attending to him, reassuring her that he will settle of his own accord. Laurel goes to check on the, by now, quiet Daniel after lunch but she is horrified to discover that he has stopped breathing. A desperate Laurel phones for an ambulance, while Ashley attempts CPR. The paramedics arrive and attempt to revive him, but Daniel has passed away… Mel turns up for her first day at work and is nervous when she realises that she’ll be doing her shift with Viv. It’s not long before nosy Viv starts asking Mel about her marriage, but Mel keeps her mouth shut and refuses to rise to Viv’s barbed comments, much to Viv’s annoyance. Also, Jo is forced to store Charlie’s guns in the loft. Jake threatens to tell Jack about her ‘liaison’ with Charlie, but Jo convinces him of the truth.