Laurel tells Ashley their baby is coming… now!

Laurel goes into labour and the only person she has to help her is Ashley

*Second episode*

Laurel ended up at hospital when she thought she had gone into labour. But she was sent home after being told it was a false alarm. Phew! Ashley wanted to make her comfortable so he ran her a bath. But when he came downstairs he found her standing in a puddle. Her waters had broken and she really was in labour.

Charity was impatient for Cain to be over Moira and decided to give their divorce a push. She sneakily sent Moira a text from Cain’s phone and then started to seduce him. As she started kissing Cain, in walked Moira. Cain realised he had been set up – and Charity realised she had pushed her luck.

Chrissie was furious with Robert for messing with Lachlan’s head and warned him to stay away from her boy. But Robert didn’t take kindly to being threatened. In fact, it made him even more determined to bring down Chrissie. But he knows he needs more help.