*First episode*

Having heard that Laurel and Marlon have kissed, Carly’s worried about running in to her boyfriend’s ex-wife. When the women end up in conversation at a party, can Laurel put things right with Marlon’s concerned girlfriend?

Despite what Lawrence may think, Chrissie is sure her dad’s partner Ronnie is up to something. And when a digger goes missing from Home Farm she’s sure he’s behind it. Can she prove it or is she barking up the wrong tree?

Rakesh isn’t in a good way, but his amateur tormentor doesn’t know what to do next. If Rakesh is released, will the crime become public knowledge?

At the Woolpack, Charity has Megan’s bloke Frank in her sights and tries to tempt him into coming to the back room with her!

Elsewhere, it’s Chas’s turn to visit Aaron and she’s deeply concerned when she clocks sight of her banged-up, fragile son.