Rumbled? Laurel is terrified that Brenda knows about her and Bob’s affair

Does Brenda know that Bob is cheating on her with Laurel?

An anxious Laurel arrives at the café and is terrified that Brenda might know about her and Bob’s secret affair.

However, she’s relieved to find Brenda acting completely normally and talking about her and Bob’s wedding plans. They’re getting hitched as soon as possible!

But is Brenda really still in the dark? Or does she know about cheating Bob’s infidelity and is she just choosing to stay quiet….for now?

Elsewhere Pete is concerned to find a withdrawn Ross slumped on the sofa and refusing to leave the house.

Plus Jai’s fears mount following the bruises found on his daughter Eliza.

When the hospital tell him the marks might not have been caused by a seizure, Jai’s appalled to think his sister Priya could be to blame.