Laurel comes home – to die?

Psycho Sally gets that crazy look in her eyes when Ashley tells her that Laurel’s well enough to come home from hospital. Nicola notices Laurel’s not exactly thrilled to be going back to the vicarage but Laurel insists she’s just had too much time to think about the church fire.

Later at home, though, as Laurel sleeps on the sofa, Sally does some tidying up. She’s just about to rearrange a cushion over Laurel’s face when Nicola knocks at the door and wakes Laurel. Saved again! But will Sally give up trying to erase Laurel from Ashley’s life?

Over at Tug Ghyll, Cain tries to build bridges but Charity tells him they have no future together if he can’t trust her. Are they dead in the water?

Val’s worried that her plans for a restaurant at the B&B have crashed and burned after the cooking of her sample menu doesn’t turn out quite the way it should. But she has a back-up plan: Marlon. She gets him to cook and presents the food to Terry and Brenda. Sneaky – but not devious enough as Brenda realises what she’s done. Will Terry put her restaurant idea on a back burner now?

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