Laurel discovers something shocking

Hilary ropes Doug into visiting the hospital with her to discover more about Daniel’s medical history, and a sympathetic Dr Marshall agrees to investigate. Later on, Ashley and Laurel are stunned when the doctor arrives to say there is an anomaly in Daniel’s records. Explaining further, Dr Marshall delivers the startling news that Laurel and Daniel’s blood groups are incompatible, therefore she cannot be his mother and Laurel is left reeling from the news.

Paddy receives a summons to appear in court for driving without due care and attention. After he takes his anger out on an innocent Jamie, Chas feels forced to warn the vet that unless he curbs his outbursts, he’ll have no business left, driving ban or not. Paddy feels suitably chastened and realises that Chas is right.

Val notices that Lexi has been flirting with Carl and she is disapproving. She warns Lexi that she will ruin her friendship with Chas if she keeps on angling to ensnare Carl, but Lexi is unrepentant. Later, Matthew asks Lexi if she has found out anything interesting about Carl’s business and she realises that she’s got herself into a difficult situation.

Also, Eric gets another blackmail letter and is even more suspicious of David.