Laurel tells her houseguest that she wants some time alone with Ashley and will be cooking for just the two of them later. Sally somehow takes that as an invitation to cook for the family and by the time Laurel gets home dinner is on the table. Sally’s not happy, though, when she realises her home help is freeing up time for Laurel to be with Ashley… That clearly isn’t her plan, but what is?

Determined not to let Nathan defeat her, Leyla turns up for work. But even Doug, who’s usually preoccupied with his jams and organic biscuits, notices the tension between Leyla and their boss. Nathan amuses himself by constantly picking on Leyla and, concerned, Doug later visits her at home.

Because Leyla rejected David’s proposal, Doug thinks there’s a lovers’ tiff at the bottom of it all. He’s stunned then when he gets a full confession about the theft of the £250 and hears that Nathan is blackmailing Leyla. What does he think she should do?

Charity’s plan is clear: get Cain where she wants him and get access to his money. Cain’s still suspicious of her, though and tests her by leaving his wallet at the cottage. Charity finds it and takes it to him and, when he checks it, he finds a surprise…

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