Laurel feels awkward when she learns that one of her community service days will be in the Emmerdale village. Laurel comes across an old war hero begging in the street and takes pity on him, but she quickly recognises the voice – it’s Eli! Laurel pleads with Eli to come home, but he refuses and tells her not to share her discovery with the other Dingles.

Andy demands that Victoria stop trying to contact Daz and she tries to put up a fight, but Andy stops any argument by telling her that Jack would be ashamed of her. Andy wants to cover up the scandal before Diane returns and asks Scarlett to keep quiet. Aaron tries to apologise to Victoria for telling Andy about her and Daz, but she blames him for Daz’s departure and tells him to get lost.

Debbie sees Maisie looking after Sarah and confides in Natasha that she’s being refused access. Natasha offers to pay for a solicitor to say sorry for using her at the shoot, but Debbie turns her down. Debbie talks to Andy about having access to Sarah, but Andy viciously tells her that she’ll never be Sarah’s mum and a furious Debbie goes back to Natasha and asks if her offer of help is still open.