Laurel goes trawling to get booze

Needing a drink, Laurel heads to David’s shop to get vodka. And when her card gets refused she’s livid. Storming over to the Woolie, she blames Marlon who firmly refuses to fund her alcohol problem. In a rage, Laurel then knocks the plates out of the chef’s hands before moving on to ask the stunned locals for cash! Meeting a wall of refusal sends Laurel spinning on to her next strategy to quench her thirst. Arriving at a bar in town, it appears she really has no shame in how far she’ll go to get a drink.

With their exit scuppered, angry Rachel blames Lisa. Jai smugly thanks Sam for falling into his trap, and informs Rachel he’ll be wanting his name added to Archie’s birth certificate. Later, Rachel apologises to Sam.

When Carly spies a ‘for sale’ sign outside David’s shop, she sets her sights on taking over. Bob’s chuffed to hear his daughter making plans to secure a future in Emmerdale, but when the bank refuse Carly a loan will she be able to fund her ambition?