Laurel has psycho Sally’s life in her hands!

Laurel’s been thinking about what she’s going to do to psycho Sally when she catches up with her – and it doesn’t involve serving her tea and angel cake. You can imagine how excited Laurel is, then, when Viv tells her she’s seen Sally by some flats in Hotten. Laurel finds Sally and forces her way into her flat. The bedroom is full of pictures of Ashley and Laurel snaps… She drags Sally onto the balcony just as the police, Ashley and Doug arrive. Will Laurel help Sally take the fast route to street level and be done with her for good?

Wives of Emmerdale lock up your husbands! Edna’s troublesome granddaughter Eve (now played by former Hear’Say singer Suzanne Shaw) returns to the village, telling Edna all is not well in her marriage and she wants Gran to put her up for a while. Edna’s not keen but she does her Christian duty, much to Eve’s relief.

Cain is far from doing his duty as a caring, supportive partner. While Charity works he’s supposed to look after the home. But he doesn’t do domesticity. Cain tries to win Charity over with a lunch date but she’s not flattered when some pretty things who are barely dressed turn his head.

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