What Sandy desperately needs is someone to see what Ashley is doing to him – how he’s bullying and tormenting him – and fight his corner. Rachel tried, but no one would believe her and Sandy wouldn’t betray his own son, even though he was hurting. Now Laurel is suspicious. Sandy’s not happy about going into a home but insists it’s what he wants. Why? Sandy won’t talk to Laurel – but Rachel will. Ashley sees the women talking and knows he’s in trouble. He rushes home and turns on Sandy – hitting the frightened old man just as Laurel walks in. Now she has seen exactly what has been happening!

Ali’s truth is out, too: Ruby and the Sharmas discover that Ali can’t read. Ruby finds out first, from Ali, and is sympathetic. But Jai and Nikhil find out from Sean, who explains why his mum messed up at work and asks them to give her back her job. Hope they don’t insist on a written apology…

Amy insists to Victoria that Pollard and Brenda are more than just friends and Victoria sees the oldies together and realises Amy’s right. What a laugh! But Amy’s not amused. Brenda might not want her around…

*Second episode, 8pm*

Laurel has seen Ashley hit Sandy and rushes to Sandy’s aid, while Ashley rushes out. Ever loyal, Sandy tries to blame himself for everything that has happened, but Laurel won’t accept that. She takes Sandy to Edna for some tea and sympathy, while she hunts down Ashley. Back home, Laurel finds Ashley packed and ready to run. He tries to convince Laurel that his attack on his father was a one-off, but she knows better now. Slowly, Laurel realises that Ashley’s anger isn’t really about his father – it’s about her near-affair with Marlon. Ashley just took his anger out on poor old Sandy and now Laurel can’t stand the sight of him.

Suddenly, Brenda can’t stand the sight of Pollard. Well, his “She’s better than nothing” attitude was very unappealing. Brenda didn’t hear Pollard say that to David, but she does hear him tell a worried Amy that Brenda’s just a bit of fun. Ooops! Pollard’s not laughing when Brenda throws a glass of wine over him! The fun’s over!

Megan and Carl’s fun has just begun. He gives her a lift home from Nicola’s make-up party – and is invited inside Home Farm for more than coffee and a goodnight kiss.