As April continues to have trouble sleeping, Laurel suggests to Marlon that they take her to a specialist, but he shuts her down and denies his daughter needs help. Later, Laurel’s discussing the issue with Nicola over some wine when she gets a call from Marlon to pick up April from school. On the way home, after April admits that she’s scared that Marlon will die, just like her mum Donna, a shocked Laurel is pulled over by Pc Swirling. The copper tells Laurel she was driving erratically and says she needs to be breathalysed! Uh oh!

Nicola’s done something stupid regarding the baby Carl situation and worries about the repercussions of what she’s done. She’s relieved, however, when Jimmy reveals he’s convinced Juliette not to take any action against the couple. Later, Nicola shocks Laurel when she reveals that she wants to have a baby, but how will Jimmy react when he discovers Nicola’s had a change of heart?

Amelia’s distraught about Ruby’s departure from the village, but Kerry has an idea to bring her back. Meanwhile, Charity discovers Ross trying to sell Shirley’s car and blackmails him so she can profit from the theft, too.