Laurel is pregnant!

Unpacking boxes and shifting furniture is put on the back burner at Mulberry Cottage when Laurel takes a fall. As nurse Emma gives Laurel a once over, she’s alarmed by Laurel’s blood pressure reading which suggests the mum is pregnant again. It’s a huge shock for Laurel who wonders whether it would be humanly possible for her to look after dementia sufferer Ashley, the kids and a newborn.

Not happy about Tess getting to know Marlon, Paddy tries to put his best mate off her by pointing out she’s a married woman. He’s left feeling like a hypocrite, but can’t help himself when Paddy asks Tess if she fancies Marlon.

Having shacked up with Joanie, Zak has been snubbed by his daughter. So when Belle pops in, Zak’s pleased. It turns out she’s just dropping off some post and has no interest in his olive branch of driving lessons.

With Kirin really struggling with work and childcare, Vanessa suggests he take paternity leave.