Laurel kisses Ashley!

It’s the day before wedding and it’s clear Laurel and Marlon are having cold feet as they head to the Woolpack to for their hen and stag parties. In the loo, Doug’s concerned when he overhears Marlon confiding in Paddy about the wedding. After Laurel slips out, Ashley catches up with her and listens as she shares her concerns about the big day, but gets more than he bargained for when Laurel tries to kiss him! Now, if that’s not a sign that something’s wrong, what is?!

Declan’s asked Charity to accompany him to the abortion clinic to prove she didn’t have a termination, so to get out of it she tells him that she took Debbie there to have an abortion! Worried that Declan will get to Debbie first, Charity goes to visit her daughter and wastes no time in filling her in about how she lied about having a miscarriage. How will Debbie react when she discovers she been drawn into her mum’s lies?

After sleeping with Dan last week, Ali’s worried her girlfriend Ruby will find out, and that possibility becomes even more likely when he tells Kerry…