Laurel and Marlon KISS!

Laurel turns to Marlon for comfort after an upsetting visit to see her husband, Ashley, who's now living in full-time care.

A visit to the care home to see her husband Ashley, goes horribly for Laurel. She’s devastated to realise the vicar, who has dementia, is starting not to recognise her and that he’s seemingly striking up a relationship with fellow patient, Maggie. Laurel arrives home utterly distraught and is grateful when concerned Marlon, her ex, pops in to see how it went.

As the chef offers support, a comforting hug turns into a kiss, which is seen by Laurel’s horrified father-in-law Sandy!

In the Woolpack, Priya and Rakesh go public with their renewed relationship. Rishi, for one is surprised that his daughter has taken back her ex – so how will Nicola, whose injuries are the sole responsibility of Rakesh’s bungled arson attempt, react to the news?

At Home Farm, feeling snubbed when Ronnie’s approached by Adam for help with Mill Cottage, Chrissie is further thrown off balance by her dad’s bloke when Ronnie informs her Lawrence has gone away.