Laurel misleads the villagers in the worst way

*Second episode*

The doctors diagnose Ashley has had a seizure. But as they try to stabilise his condition, Laurel, who’s now plastered, is totally getting in the way. Furious, Harriet demands she go home. Back in the village, Adam visits the police to try to take the blame for the accident, while hammered Laurel assumes the worst when she sees Sandy sobbing and starts telling everyone Ashley has died! The news reaches Gabby, who’s devastated and Victoria, who thinks she’s killed the vicar and reckons a prison sentence is looming.

Returning to the hospital, Laurel soon learns she’s made a terrible mistake – Ashley’s alive! As Harriet is told they will be bringing Ashley out of his coma, she learns he may have developed epilepsy. As Laurel vows to give up booze she’s unaware Harriet is listening in as she tells her unconscious ex only he can get her sober.

Finn is stunned when his mum admits she’s still in love with James. Reeling at the strength of Emma’s emotions, Finn’s put on the spot when she asks him to help her get James back. But as she’s about to come clean to James about stuffing up his moving plans, Finn steps up claiming it was his fault.

Leyla babysits Archie, who picks up a marker pen when her back is turned…