All hell breaks loose at the vicarage when Sally convinces Ashley that Laurel needs to talk to a counsellor. Laurel comes home to find Ashley with a therapist and marches upstairs. Doug can’t believe what’s happening and turns on Sally, telling her to keep her nose out of his daughter’s marriage.

Laurel has decided that actions speak louder than words, though… She comes back down stairs with packed bags, tells Ashley she’s collecting the children and announces that he has one day to get Sally out of their house, otherwise she won’t be back.

Up at Home Farm, a frisky Natasha points out to Mark that they have the house all to themselves. He’s not interested, though. It’s Faye he wants. Will Natasha realise this?

At the stables, Katie’s panicking because a horse is missing. Maisie used it to give Holly a lift home and then lost it but the spoilt little rich girl is not keen to confess that. Fortunately, Sam and Olena find the horse and Sam leads it back to Katie while Olena makes herself scarce. Surprisingly, Maisie then confesses what she did and, not surprisingly, Katie’s furious. Is this the end of their friendship?

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