Laurel punches Marlon!

The story follows on from the shocking events of last week where Laurel’s alcohol problem saw her pass out on the sofa leaving April and Arthur to call an ambulance when she started choking on her own vomit. Unable to ignore the issue any longer, Marlon has to accept his wife has a drinking problem – but when he puts it to Laurel she angrily punches him! When Cain finds out what’s been going on, he urges his cousin to walk away from his wife. Having had an addiction problem herself, Rhona’s keen to lend her support – but Paddy’s just worried about Leo and doesn’t want his son anywhere near Tall Trees.

The heartache continues for the Spencers as Ali and Ruby make plans to leave the village taking Amelia with them. Dan is devastated at the thought of losing his daughter while Kerry insists he needs to carry on earning a crust to support the family from afar.