At every stage of Laurel’s preparations for Ashley’s birthday, Sally is there. In fact, for one part of the plan she’s one step ahead: she’s baked Ashley a birthday cake. And Laurel had already bought one. Enough’s enough! Laurel suggests she and Ashley go for a drink together, just the two of them and tells Sally that Ashley’s birthday celebrations will be family only. A brave move – or is it a foolish one?

At Home Farm, Natasha wants to know how Nathan got the bruises, but he’s not about to admit that he was blackmailing Leyla, ruined her relationship with David and got thumped. Katie’s not keeping quiet, though and tells Natasha that David hit him. So Nathan tells mummy it was because he and Leyla had a one-night stand and now she won’t leave him alone. Not prepared to let any girl mess her boy about, Natasha tells Leyla to stay away from Nathan or she’ll be out of a job. Does Leyla have anyone left to turn to?

Olena, the mysterious Ukrainian, has Belle and Will taking care of her. But surely someone’s going to notice that food and clothes are going missing? And why won’t Olena agree to meet Lisa?

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