*One-hour special*

Ashley tries to convince Laurel to go to the paternity hearing, but she refuses. Instead, she spends the morning with Greg looking through pictures of Daniel. Ashley returns from the hearing and is edgy to see them together. He explains that Mel and Arthur will have to have a DNA test once they return. Ashley tries to smooth things over with his wife, but he mentions Arthur again and she blurts out that she feels closer to Greg than him – and once made a pass at him!

Donna is horrified that Viv and Bob have been charged with conspiracy to defraud. Viv and Bob are bailed and ordered to attend a preliminary trial hearing next week. Bob is starting to suspect that Viv could be guilty and she is gutted when she realises. Viv and Bob have a set-to and Donna interrupts and advises them to seek the advice of a private investigator.

Nicola schemes to force Paddy to rely on her to give him a lift to his court appearance. Chas is still on holiday and Nicola takes the opportunity to lend an extra hand to Paddy’s practice. Nicola suggests that she become his chauffeur while his hand heals.

Also, Jasmine encourages Miles to take up photography again.