Laurel ruins Marlon’s marriage proposal!

When Laurel remarks on how happy she’s feeling, Marlon’s struck with an idea. Loved up, he decides he’s going to propose and promptly sets about getting it all sorted, with Paddy’s help! Meanwhile, Laurel goes to see Ashley at Mulberry. Suggesting they have a last meal together in their old house, she cooks a meal and the pair end up getting drunk. Later, she tips up back at Tall Trees in a drunken mess and realises she’s stuffed up big time.

Deciding to fight for her marriage, Nicola decides she’ll earn brownie points by trying to help out at Kings Haulage. Charity tells Nicola she can do the van deliveries – but a driving lesson sees the mum crash into the table outside the Woolie! When Jai tells Nicola he’s promoting her to office work, he and Charity end up rowing over her.

Kerry hides her concern when Amy tells her she and Andy are an item. Confiding in Dan, Kerry admits she’s worried that Andy will try to turn Amy against her.