At home, prepping for her job interview, Laurel pours herself a vodka and orange to settle her nerves. When Marlon’s daughter April wanders off drinking it, thinking it’s a glass of orange juice, Laurel’s too wrapped up in herself to notice. But when April starts to feel poorly, Laurel feels sick to her stomach herself as she realises what’s happened! Telling Bernice, the mums rush April into hospital. Laurel has to think fast about how to approach the situation with Marlon.

Leyla and Vanessa finds themselves homeless when Andy evicts them so he can move in with new squeeze Tracy! Seeing as the grieving widower has only just slept with Tracy, Bernice is worried about how fast he’s moving – but will Tracy give two hoots?

Lachlan’s assault is casting a black cloud at Farrers. At a loss on how to support his wife, David’s relieved when Alicia agrees to get help from the crisis centre.