Laurel is struggling to cope with life

With Ashley's dementia seriously affecting the Thomases' family life, Laurel has to make a decision about how best to care for her husband

With Ashley’s dementia now seriously affecting and impairing the vicar, his wife Laurel is struggling. She has a young baby and a stepdaughter to care for and the pressure is mounting as she tries to juggle the load. So when Sandy offers to watch out for his son Ashley and granddaughter Dotty for the day, Laurel leaps at the chance to break away from it all for a while.

Having spent the day with Nicola, Laurel’s feeling stronger when she returns home. But her newfound strength evaporates when she finds Ashley outside the house, dressed in pyjamas, looking bewildered. And things get worse when Ashley goes on to almost get knocked down by a car! At her wits’ end, Laurel tells her husband it’s time for bed – though it’s anything but…

Chas’s licence at the Wooplack is called into question by Bernice, who’s seething about Gabby’s booze binge and is blaming it on Liv’s easy access to alcohol at the pub. Can Chas come up with a solution to sort things out?

There’s more heartache for grieving mum Moira when she hears her daughter, Hannah, won’t be coming home for Christmas. Emma’s quick to comfort her former nemesis, leaving Zak unsettled. Is scheming Emma trying to take the farm off Moira?