So now Laurel and Sandy are covering up for Ashley – but not for much longer. Laurel thinks they need to try to act as if nothing’s wrong and thinks they can do that by going to the pub. Bad move. Rachel sees them arguing and it dawns on her that Laurel won’t leave Sandy alone with Ashley. That’s what Rachel tells Diane and, furious, Ashley leaves. But this time, tired of lying to everyone, Laurel tells Diane that Rachel is right; Ashley has been abusing his father. Then Laurel goes home and tells Ashley she’s not lying for him any more. Ashley’s first concern isn’t for her or his family, though, it’s for himself and his career. Shocked, Laurel tells Ashley she doesn’t know who he is any more.

Declan doesn’t know who his nephew is, but Megan unwittingly gives him information that he feeds to a private investigator: his nephew’s full name. It won’t be long now…

It will be a while before Ali can read – especially as she’s too embarrassed to go to the classes. But then her husband, desperate Dan (the kind of man to make any woman want to get on the other bus), makes a snide remark and Ali decides to go back to school.