Laurel’s heart breaks as she packs Ashley’s bags (VIDEO)

There's heartbreak for Laurel Thomas as she prepares for her dementia sufferer husband Ashley to move into full-time care

*First episode*

At Mulberry, having made the decision that Ashley needs full-time care for his safety, Laurel is just about holding it together. But inside, her heart is breaking. As she packs her beloved husband’s bags, Laurel is blind-sided when her husband’s dementia plays another cruel trick on him, rendering him incapable of remembering what is happening at home.

With Ashley having no recollection or understanding about the situation, Laurel has to tell him again about the care home.

When Debbie accuses her daughter Sarah of stealing, the young girl is forced to come clean about the woman who’s hiding out in the Dingles’ barn. Thing is, when Debbie and Sarah arrive at the barn, there’s no sign of the stowaway! They soon learn she’s checked into the B&B, where a situation unfolds when the lady collapses and the paramedics have to be called… Who IS she?

Elsewhere, Rakesh gets a job in a call centre while Priya smarts as Nicola makes a good impression on Rishi at the factory.


Watch this clip from the episode;