After attending her mum’s funeral, Laurel is totally shaken up. She fares no better at the wake. Stung by her sister’s remarks, Laurel bites back and, when she later returns home, the saga has clearly taken its toll. Needing comfort, Laurel turns to Marlon but will the estranged husband and wife end up getting passionate after all that’s soured their marriage?

Not realising her mum has slept with Ross and given birth to his child, Debbie is taken aback when her lover Ross tells her they can’t run off together quite yet. When Ross asks Moira for a job at the farm, she agrees thinking he is trying to distance himself from Debbie. But really, Charity is behind all the change in Ross’s life as she’s blackmailing him from behind bars!

At Home Farm, Paddy finds Aaron and Robert together when he responds to a call-out. Thinking the lads have resumed their secret affair, Paddy tries to out a stop to it. Later, when Paddy gets invited to lunch at the farm Robert insists the vet turns it down.