Laurel urges stepdaughter Gabby to have fun

Stepmum Laurel doles out some advice to stressed-out schoolkid Gabby in Emmerdale

Having found out what’s been keeping Gabby from school, stepmum Laurel has words. Worried that Ashley’s dementia is causing the teen serious angst, Laurel urges her to let loose. But Laurel’s advice looks set to come back to haunt her when Gabby misinterprets her words to mean ‘get hammered’.

Having been shopping for some saucy undies, Rhona plans to surprise Pierce, but somehow the scanties she bought for her man get into the wrong hands…

Pete urges Finn to come clean to Kasim about how often he was at his hospital bedside before someone else does. But when Kasim kisses Finn, he’s loathe to break the happy love spell.