Laurel’s booze shame

*Hour-long epsode*

Having totally embarrassed herself at Dan’s party, Laurel is in denial. Doug wants to get his daughter to talk openly to him about her drink problem, but insists she was spiked! When her excuses fail her, Laurel’s got nowhere to hide. Marlon returns to find his wife and his father-in-law at loggerheads. Laurel’s desperate for her husband to stay in the dark about her boozing – but Doug is adamant he needs to know. Is this the end of the road for her secret alcoholic life?

Love cheats Vanessa and Adam have decided they should come clean to Kirin and Victoria. When Adam leaves a voicemail for Victoria outlining his infidelity, he instantly regrets it and ropes Aaron into helping him to try to get rid of the message!

There’s bad news on top of bad news for Ali who learns Rachel won’t be getting a job at the factory – and worse still that Sean has been injured and is intensive care.