Laurel is at breaking point in Emmerdale

Laurel's pushed to the edge by the strains of her troubled family

Having found Gabby and Jacob getting frisky, Laurel tells Ashley, and soon a meeting between the parents is arranged. But as David, Leyla and Bernice get involved in the situation, tempers flare as the adults argue over which teen is to blame! Gabby and Jacob are mortified when they find their parents rowing, and when Laurel decides Gabby can no longer see the lad, Gabby fights back and reveals a bruise Laurel gave Jacob when she found the compromised teens!

Later, as Ashley is trying to comfort tired and emotional Laurel, he accidentally calls her Harriet! Pushed to the limit, Laurel snaps – despite knowing her dementia sufferer husband has merely made a mistake – and goes out. Bumping into Harriet, Laurel confides in her, admitting she’s not coping with the strain of her husband’s condition. When Laurel later returns to Mulberry, Ashley’s prepared her a meal – but as he pours his wife a glass of wine, he’s clearly forgotten Laurel is a recovering alcoholic. Will she drink it?