Laurel’s fuming that Ross is around April

*Second episode*

Laurel thinks it’s in April’s best interests if they keep her away from Ross, who was in a relationship with her late mum, Donna. Marlon’s conflicted but soon realises that having Ross around could be a good thing when the bad boy helps his grief-stricken daughter turn a corner. When April tells Ross that she wants to get her fancy dress costumes out again, Marlon’s shocked because she hasn’t touched her dressing up clothes since Donna died. When Marlon later suggests that Ross comes round again, Laurel walks in and is absolutely furious to find him in the house…

After finding out that Kirin is to blame for running Moira off the road, a raging Cain lays into the teen. Just before he beats him to a pulp, however, Rakesh spots them and threatens to call the police. Eventually, Cain lets Kirin go, but warns that he will be back to finish off what he started. Later, Moira is shocked to hear that Kirin caused her accident – will Vanessa be able to stop her from calling the cops?

Pete’s stunned when DI Bails says the charges against him have been dropped, but how will Debbie feel when she realises that Charity has confessed all to the police?