Laurel’s heart breaks when she visits Ashley

Laurel visits Ashley in care and realises her dementia-stricken husband is starting to forget who she is

Desperately missing her husband and wanting to see him as much as she can, Laurel visits Ashley in the care home. The vicar, who has dementia, hasn’t been there long, but he already seems to be slipping away from his wife. Laurel’s arranged a lovely picnic for the pair of them, but she’s devastated to notice her husband can’t really remember who she is and is fast making new friends.

Jai discusses the job Rakesh has applied for overseas and reels to learn he and his sister Priya are back together.

Liv tries to hide her delight when Gabby tells her she’s been dumped – she’s going to get her friend back! But what’s pushed Jacob to end their mini romance?