Lauren and Brad make it official!

Lauren and Brad prep Harold’s for the relaunch, but Terese feels isolated when Josh refuses to talk to her, Piper locks herself in her room and Imogen stays over at Daniel’s. Without Brad and the kids, Terese’s life suddenly feels very lonely. So when Brad and Lauren find Harold’s trashed, with ‘HOMEWRECKER’ written on the board, it seems pretty obvious whodunit…

Despite Josh’s insistence that he will not let her and the baby down, Amber confesses that he’s also part of the problem – doing birthing classes with him confuses their relationship. Josh tells her to do the class with Paige instead – but it’s clear he’s disappointed he can’t be a part of it all.

Susan feels bereft over Eden Hills not offering her a job. Meanwhile, Brad’s disappointed to find out Piper doesn’t want to go to a private school and she’s floored when Terese tells her she has to go. But when Brad learns of Susan’s exclusion from Eden Hills, he invites her to join him in a fight to save Erinsborough High.