Calvin invites Lauren to help out at The Loft but she’s disappointed when he leaves her with Spencer. She calls Gaz and soon they’re up to no good, stealing Spencer’s bank card to buy random things online. When Spencer catches them, they lie, saying they are donating to help the ‘Save Holly’ campaign. Later, Lauren invites Gaz back to the Valentines’. They’re still in bed when Calvin arrives home and furiously throws Gaz out.

Rhys and Josh come face to face after their fight. Rhys, who is still consumed with guilt over the part he played in the crash, agrees to forget about it. He’s frustrated however when Josh announces that he is quitting college.

Jem meets Josh and they spend the day together. After a few drinks, Josh tells Jem about Gilly’s past conquests. Josh’s gossiping causes Jem and Gilly to have their first major row resulting in Jem removing her engagement ring. Gilly makes it clear that Josh has lost one of his only allies.

Also; Nancy reminds Des that the school is about to be visited by Ofsted. After seeing Des panic, Nancy offers to help. As a thank you they share a takeaway and a bottle of wine and a friendship is forged.

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