Leo and Sasha start to fear for Lauren’s safety. When she finally gets home, Sasha tears into her for leaving them all to worry. Lauren’s gutted when she realises Leo still thinks she’s pregnant, and lies telling them she’s lost the baby. Away from her family she packs her bags and calls Gaz. Lauren is running away.

Theresa is ready to tell Carmel she killed Calvin when Jacqui stops her. But when Carmel’s later interviewed, she freaks out. Jacqui, fearful of the net closing in on them, decides they need to get rid of their dresses – they’re evidence. Mercedes refuses to help them. When Jacqui tries to stand up to her, Mercedes tells Theresa she’ll grass her up to stay out of prison.

DI Andrews interviews Carmel and she struggles to keep a level head as she recalls the events that led her there. She’s disturbed when DI Andrews hints that the culprit is someone close to her.

Also, Charlotte returns to Halls, having spent the night with Molly. Tex suggests they go crash in on Josh, and the gang get together to visit him. Josh is surprised to see he still has friends and they help him bust out of hospital.

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