Lauren and Gaz attempt to educate Spencer about the rules of dating and they suggest he should have a drink. When Sasha returns home to find them all drunk she’s furious. Devastated, Lauren goes along with Gaz’s plan to let Spencer believe that they slept together. As a heartbroken Lauren walks away, Gaz realises his joke has gone too far.

Calvin invites Leo to The Loft for some wine tasting, but Leo isn’t happy about lying to Sasha and Lauren about spending time with him. Calvin’s on edge when Mercedes offers to help them pick the wine for the wedding. She lets her true feelings be known when she gloats about lacing the wine, and Calvin’s horrified when she warns him that she will always be there.

Zak confesses all about his one night stand with Laura to Des and Kris. He tells them that Charlotte knows his secret and is urging him to confess. But he can’t bring himself to do it despite Des’s encouragement.

Also; Josh is heartbroken when he realises that Rhys and India have been seeing each other. Rhys decides to end things with India, breaking her heart and his. Josh realises that Rhys ended his relationship for him and is touched by his brother’s sacrifice.

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