Disgusted by Lauren’s bravado over Elliot, Newt suggests they admit it was a prank and apologise. But Lauren is unimpressed when Newt scrapes together some cash to buy Elliot a present, and accuses him of being two-faced. He declares their friendship over and marches off.

Newt grows worried when he discovers Elliot hasn’t been home since the night before, and when Lauren arrives to apologise, they both realise their prank has gone too far. They return to the woods to find Elliot and explain. Darkness falls and just as Newt and Lauren are about to give up, they make a terrifying discovery…

Sarah discovers that Elliot hasn’t returned to Halls and is taken aback by Roger’s cool attitude when she tells him he is missing. Later, she is stunned when he introduces her to his wife Jennifer. Sarah confronts him but Roger insists that his marriage is a sham.

When Kris admits that Kieron has confessed all about their secret affair, John-Paul worries that everyone will find out. Kris reassures him that he’ll keep his mouth shut, and advises John Paul to enjoy being with Kieron instead of worrying about him being a priest, but John-Paul is still unsure about his relationship.

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